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Posted by at 13 February , 2011

This year has been a very dry winter in Beijing with what could well be the worst drought in a century.

Pouring snow at the Qinghuayuan crossroad

Pouring snow at the Qinghuayuan crossroad

It’s particularly worrying for farmers in surrounding regions as no water means no crop, and no crop means lesser / more expensive food, and that means, well you know, very big troubles…

So it is with relief that we saw snow fall twice this week. Apparently it was helped by could seeding canons used by the government to provoke snow fall. (See more here)

I, like other people, felt a great sense of joy when I saw my neighbourhood blanketed in white. It’s great to hear the children play snowballs.
But, wow, snow in Beijing is really something!

PS: You may have noticed but I changed camera… My pictures will now be in a 2/3 format.

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