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Posted by at 21 October , 2009

Those who read my article about school selection know I did an MBA because I wanted to move toward Luxury.
As I spent my summer holidays knowing I was accepted at the HEC MBA, I read a new book called Luxe Oblige (in English: The Luxury Strategy), written by two HEC MBA professors.

This week I discovered these two videos online (in French).

JN Kapferer & V Bastien (Luxe Oblige) dans Darketing - ep1

JN Kapferer & V Bastien (Luxe Oblige) dans Darketing - ep2

It’s quite funny to see one of our teachers in a video :)
Now I need to go back to my Marketing case for tomorrow…

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Posted by at 12 October , 2009

These days I’m spending a lot of time thinking about career and, more exactly, researching what I would like to work in after my MBA. Seminars organised by the CMC (Career Management Center) of the HEC MBA are helping a lot in my quest.

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Posted by at 9 October , 2009

Last time I wrote about the election campaigns going on at HEC.

Well, the vote for the MBAT team were cast today and the Game On team came ahead with a lead of just one (that’s right, ONE) vote!
Since the vote was so close I hope both teams can work together in preparing the best MBAT to date :)

Here’s the trailer :)

HEC Paris - MBAT - Game On trailer

But, for now on, Game On!

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Posted by at 7 October , 2009

HEC Paris - MBAT

HEC Paris - MBAT

This week was an election (and electoral campaign) week.

Indeed, we had to choose 2 representatives for our respective sections. The difficulty of an election for 2 winners is that we don’t only vote for our favourite participant (such as for a presidential election) but rather for the 2 candidates which will work best together. So I cast my vote accordingly…

In addition, and that’s where all the buzz is, we have to choose the team which will organise the 2010′s edition of the MBAT. The MBAT is a sport competition event amongst the top european MBAs that HEC students proudly host (and organise) every year. This year will be the event’s 20th anniversary. So the stakes are important…

As a side note, I was very happy to show my parents around the campus on last Sunday. They were quite impressed by the infrastructure and by the lake side (where the MBAT is mostly held btw). We had a quiet afternoon walking around. All good :)

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