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Posted by at 22 February , 2011

Chinese new year is the most important public celebration in the Chinese calendar. It is also a holiday opportunity which allows everyone to return to their families in the respective regions.
This long vacation also allowed me to work on this new blog and plan my job search (I’ll write an article).

And class started again yesterday with, in particular, one class which may well be one of the most interesting of my MBA experience and which tells me that coming to Tsinghua for double degree was really the right choice.
I’m talking about the class of “China and the World Economy” of Li Daokui.
To have the opportunity to follow a class with someone as important is always a great chance, but here I think I could not have dreamed better to learn about the mechanics on China’s economy.

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  1. kendo says:

    Hey Pam,
    I have been reading you blog and believe that you may be able to share with me some of your experience at Tsinghua. I am considering an offer from both Tsinghua SEM and CEIBS. I am planning to find a job in HK or Singapore after I graduate. Which program do will help me better in finding a job placement in these two countries
    Thanks alot for your help

    • Pam says:

      Hi Kendo,

      I’m not sure about your question.
      One thing which is true is that CEIBS has a better reputation than Tsinghua SEM internationally.


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