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Posted by at 3 February , 2011

As you noticed, I have sort of let down my blog since I arrived in China. The reason is that I had dificulties, intellectually, to write a feedback about China and Tsinghua in a blog titled HEC MBA.

Setting up fireworks

Setting up fireworks

So here’s the start of a new blog which will take into account both sides of my story.
“Frog to Dragon”
like my transition from France to China.
“Frog to Dragon”
like my quest for asian wisdom.

I hope you’ll keep reading me here :)

And what a better day to start this new blog than the Chinese New Year ?
Here in Beijing, it’s truly a celebration of the people where everyone is invited to light their fireworks. As a result, firecrackers and fireworks non-stop for the past 24 hours, and still going… And, yes, it’s loud…

Hail to the rabbit!

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