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Posted by at 31 May , 2009

Every year, from the last week of May to the first week of June, Paris goes into Tennis mode with the French Open going full speed. As a tennis fan, I was thrilled when I received an e-mail inviting me to join a HEC MBA networking event organised in the premices of Roland Garros.

Place des Mousquetaires at Roland Garros

Place des Mousquetaires at Roland Garros

So yesterday, after arriving (late), I was dispatched into a group that included not only MBA admits, but also MBA candidates, alumni and others currently studying. We walked around the tennis areas before joining a series of presentation and a very nice cocktail.

Beside roasting under a glorious sun and watching some tennis, it was great to exchange with others as I gave pieces of advice to candidates, learned about the campus facilities from current students, and discussed job perspective with alumnis.
And, of course, the best part being to meet the MBA admits who are going to join my class! I found each of them to be extremely interesting and coming from such diverse backgrounds that it’s mind-boggling.

Very excited now, can’t wait to start in September! :)

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