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Posted by at 30 August , 2009

A week has passed, and the tension starts to build up before classes start. More students arrive in Paris from other countries.

Le Pont des Arts on the day of the picnic

Le Pont des Arts on the day of the picnic

As a result, I could see new faces during another HEC get together when we went for a picnic on the Pont des Arts last Friday (Aug 28th). In total, I could meet people from UK, the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Columbia, and of course France.
However, most people will arrive on the 3rd and 4th of September, when we can move into our rooms in Expansiel, the HEC student residence.

On my side, I’ve started figure out what I could bring into my room and I think I won’t be able to do without renting a utility car for moving in.
Indeed, while I *could* do the public transport trip with a suitcase, it may be difficult if I have to lug a microwave and an ironing board around…

To be continued…

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Posted by at 25 August , 2009

I haven’t written much since I came back to France (beside a page about interviews).
True, things have been going slowly but it doesn’t mean nothing happened.

Indeed, as the day when school starts (September 7th) beckons, more students are gathering in Paris. So last Friday (Aug 21st) we had a nice event where we had drinks and a few of us continued for dinner in the Montorgueil area.

All good stuff :)

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Posted by at 28 May , 2009

As the HEC MBA September 2009 intake is almost made up by now, there are a few ways for us admits to network. The HEC connect website, of course, but also less official means on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Via that, some of the French parisian crowd organised an ice breaking event by the Eiffel Tower yesterday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so happy about it and the evening was fresh with a few drizzles. The mood however was great and enjoyable for the 7 of us who attended. We exchanged on our admission process, prior experience, expectations, financing, and on many other topics.

Now I feel like my MBA is finally getting into motion :)

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