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Posted by at 16 January , 2010

Just a quick article about the Tracks.

Some of you may know that the HEC MBA curriculum is composed of 4 phases:
- Core 1
- Core 2
- Personalised Phase 1
- Personalised Phase 2

Basically Core 1 and 2 are made up of mandatory foundation classes and Personalised Phase 1 and 2 are elective time.

Until recently, only Personalised Phase 2 allowed for specialisation where we can choose between Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management Innovation, Marketing and Strategy.

However, since last year, and more this year, we now have the possibility to also specialise during the Personalised Phase 1. The new tracks are planned to be more professional and one key factor is that they are HEC cross disciplinary tracks. Meaning that unlike the PP2 tracks, they are open not only to MBA students but also to other programmes from HEC such as the Grande Ecole or Specialised Masters.
In Personalised Phase 1, we can now specialise in Energy, Real Estate, Social Business and Luxury Strategies.

Now I’ll let you guess to which one I’m going to apply ;)

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  1. NutMeggy says:

    Luxury Strategies! What do you envision doing after your MBA?

  2. pam says:

    Hehehe… Thank Meggy!

    Yes, I’ve sent my application to the Luxury Strategies track.
    Was I that obvious ? :)

    Anyway, since this week I’ve gone one step closer to my post MBA objectives which I brushed in here.

    And to quickly answer your question: after my MBA, I’d like to work in developping the (French) luxury business in China.

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