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Posted by at 7 September , 2009

Today was my first day at school.

After the welcome breakfast, we were quickly dropped into more meaty action with an “ice-breaker”.
I’m not sure about you guys, but for me an ice-breaker is some sort of funny moment when people tell things about themselves such as “two truth and a lie” and others must pick up which one is the lie.
Here our ice-breaker was speed-dating times 142 (the number of HEC students in this intake). So there we were, among groups of 2 to 4, discussing about various problems, never with the same people for each topic. After those 2 hours, I had discussed with 14 people on topics ranging from Nespresso going to China to a new Coca Cola drink…
Anyway… after just half a day, me: dead.

Lunch happened in the Hall d’Honneur, with a staff presentation and an excellent buffet (incl. wine).

Afternoon was for presentations about procedures: medical, visa, IT. French people (who don’t need visas to study or work in France) started working on stereotypes about… French people.

Tonight, welcome party :)

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