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Posted by at 29 May , 2009

Today was my last day at work.
I’m no stranger to goodbyes and new horizons but this one really does feel very special.

Indeed, as I reflect on Friday, 29th May 2009, I bring an end to an adventure I started on a 13th of November: 8 years, 6 months and 16 days ago. Throughout this adventure, I have moved offices 4 times, worked on 14 projects (or major proposals) taking me to 17 cities in 10 countries. But more importantly, I’ve had the privilege to work with people from 37 offices around the world which allowed me to gain cultural awareness in a way that’s rare and truly remarkable.

My ecosphere (with 5 shrimps)

My ecosphere (with 5 shrimps)

Thought it would be nice to put these numbers in a magic square. As a game you can play at finding out how old I was when I started and when I left.

22 10 14 17
08 11 13 31
29 05 20 09
04 37 16 06

One doesn’t leave such a job after 8+ years without throwing a goodbye party, which I did.

To this occasion, my colleagues offered me an Ecosphere.

Apparently it can live for around 2 years, so hopefully it will keep me nice company throught my studies. I’ll update you here on how it evolves.

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